I’ve been thinking this for a while. The characters are really different, but man, that color scheme…

"You really are annoying. Unwilling to hand over the mound? That’s a strength for a Pitcher

Though it really made you an unlikable guy. But I like that in a pitcher”

Catcher-Pitcher communication

i always go through the abemiha tag when im feeling stressed like idk y but this ship just makes me feel really happy and fluffy for some reason////(´▽`)


he’s beauty he’s grace he’s miss united states


Does Haru just like… hang out with Makoto’s family when Makoto’s busy??

Kisumi Shigino Free! Eternal Summer

Free! Eternal Summer: Siblings

Haruka: Making my way downtown, walking fast
Kisumi: Haru? Haruka! It's good to se-
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